about Margaret M Ford

British Author

Author of crime and mystery novels

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Margaret was interested in writing from as early as her teens but never seriously considered it as a career. In 1985 she struck lucky with the publication of her first short story in MIZZ magazine. She subsequently enjoyed success with further publications of her short stories and technical articles in various womens’ and trade magazines. For many years she encountered difficulty in finding a publisher or literary agent to take on her full length novels. In 2012 all of her books to date were published as eBooks on worldwide eBook stores.

While actively pursuing a writing career, she was promoted to Managing Director of a UK based manufacturing company in 1987. Upon retiring from her job in the UK, where she was born, Margaret moved permanently to Australia in October 2010 and became an Australian citizen in 2014.

Lament for the Dead and Beneath the Stone were published in paperback in 2015. Due to a serious accident shortly after – thus limiting her time at the keyboard – Margaret has since written her first children’s story, The Landonauts and the Rainbow Cloud. If successful, she plans to write a series. She intends to write further full length novels but they may take longer to write, she warns.